Master and Miss OFAB 2017 to set up Biotech fan clubs for School children.

By OFAB Nigeria

May 2017

Master and Miss OFAB with the Proprietor of High Grade school, Mr. Charles Umekwe

Over 1000 children participated at the 2017 children’s day event, which OFAB celebrated in collaboration with Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) on 26th May 2017.

The 2017 celebration was an important opportunity to introduce them to science of biotechnology and its potentials. Two students from High Grade International School, who answered biotechnology quiz question correctly were crowned Master and Miss OFAB 2017.

Following up on this event, the school invited OFAB to be part of their graduation ceremony and official unveiled the Master and Miss OFAB 2017.

According to the Proprietor of the school, Mr. Charles Umekwe, OFAB has helped in increasing the participation of their students in scientific activities as well as guiding them in making career choices on biotechnology. “We are happy to be associated with the Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology (OFAB) as a programme that believes in agriculture and development for the benefit of mankind.  We shall be ever willing to partner with you in any area you may need our partnership”. He stated.

During the graduation ceremony, the Miss and Master OFAB (Mary Etuk and Francis Ubah) addressed the students and parents on the various ways biotechnology can help improve the living standard of the populace through agriculture, health and other sectors that biotechnology can greatly impact.

They spoke eloquently and passionately about the technology and their plan to set up biotechnology fan clubs for students. The Country Coordinator Dr. Rose M. Gidado in her remarks expressed delight and support towards creating these fan clubs to imbibe a biotechnology awareness culture in the students. She further stated that OFAB would continue to work with the school and promote awareness of biotechnology development.

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