Tanzania: Sikonge urged to boost food production

July 30, 2017

Cassava farmer in Chato District, Tanzania.

Sikonge — SIKONGE District Commissioner (DC), Peres Magiri, has directed agro extension officers to establish various strategies of improving agricultural activities in their areas with the aim of boosting food production in the district.

Delivering the opening remarks of a one-day training of over seventy agro extension officers, DC Magiri said in order to increase production of food, everyone has a responsibility to improve performance in his/her area.

“We are supposed to participate on promoting our industrial economy by improving on accountability, on establishing effective strategies and good plans that would help to increase production of food among farmers,” he said.

DC Magiri called on agro extension officers in the district to ensure farmers are educated on modern technologies in order to increase production and income. He insisted on the growing of cassava since the crop is for both food and cash, adding that extension officers should be on the forefront in ensuring agricultural inputs are accessed by farmers on time in order to benefit them and enable them boost their production.

In another development, the Sikonge District Chairman, Peter Nzalalila advised extension officers to keep records on the number of farmers and agricultural productions as a way of improving agricultural activities.

Mr Nzalalila thanked researchers from the Tanzania Commissioner for Science and Technology (COSTECH) for their commitment in ensuring that farmers are increasing their food production by using modern technology.

Ms Bestina Daniel, a Researcher from COSTECH, said training for agro extension officers organised by Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology (OFAB) under COSTECH is aimed at reminding extension officers in the district on the importance of using modern biotechnology on agricultural activities.

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