Hon. Ekwunife Uche Lilian Supports Passage of Bio-Safety Bill – It will enhance Green Environment


Hon. Ekwunife Uche Lilian - Chairman House Committee on Environment presents her Opening Remarks

Hon. Ekwunife Uche Lilian – Chairman House Committee on Environment presents her Opening Remarks

Hon. Ekwunife Uche Lilian who is currently the Chairman, House Committee on Environment at a one day Sensitization Workshop in Abuja, that was organized by the  Open Forum for Agricultural Biotechnology (OFAB), for members of the Nigerian House of representative, once again expressed her profound love for a healthy environment. In her opening remarks she stated that “Biotechnology is as important to the Economy as other Technologies”. In addition, she sad “This gathering I believe is to enable us give the appropriate attention to the passage of the Bio-safety Bill. There is no doubt that Nigeria can use Biotechnology to enhance Green Economy. One of the immediate solutions that addresses  the challenge of Green Environment is Biotechnology. It also contribute to climate change as well as Natural human and Financial Assets. there are no indications that this Technology will have adverse effect on the environment and Human Health. But let me categorically state that we must have proper environmental management practices in place to ensure that, as we go into this, there are no effect on our natural well being and environment. It is our right and duty to protect our environment and nurture it to suit our well being. We must at this workshop understand that Bio-safety implies putting in place proper environmental management practice in other to litigate any effect. Let me also mention here that, Nigeria signed the treaty on Biotechnology in 2000 and 2003 and we must not ignore the fact that this technology is due for domestication”. She therefore calls for a unanimous support of the passage of the Bill by her Honourable colleagues at this event which took place on Thursday, Marc 27, 2014.

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