DroughtTEGO, Boon for Western Kenya farmers

December , 2015

By Evelyn Situma

Jotham’s maize yield has increased from 10 kilograms to 10 bags of 90kg maize from when he started farming DroughtTEGO™ maize hybrid developed by Water Efficient Maize for Africa (WEMA) project in 2014.
For seven years, he harvested only 10 kilograms of maize from a quarter of an acre piece of land (equivalent to 0.1 t/ha). “At the time I knew nothing about technology. That is why I never got much from my farm. But now my yield has increased because of DroughtTEGO™ maize seed and good agronomy practices,” he said.
WEMA through its project partner, Rural Outreach Programme (ROP), a community based farmer organization in Western Kenya has been conducting field demonstrations (demo) for farmers in the region. It’s through the awareness drives that Jotham was approached to host a field demo at his farm.
“They set up a 10 metre by 10 metre demo plot with several maize varieties on each. TEGO variety- WE1101 out-did the rest,” said Jotham. He harvested 70 kg from the demo plot.

Jotham Apamo puts across a point during an interview in Western Kenya.
His yield has increased from 10kg per quarter acre (equivalent to 0.1 t/ha) to 10 bags of 90kg (4.5t/ha) on half acre farm after adopting DroughtTEGO, a maize brand from the Water Efficient Maize for Africa (WEMA) project. PHOTO/AATF

In 2015, he bought TEGO seed and planted it on half an acre farm. The harvest, he said, was his best- 10 bags of 90kg maize (4.5 t/ha). Jotham is now a TEGO champion in his community. He convinced parents in a neighboring primary school to adopt TEGO and donate a bag of maize each season for  the school feeding program.

“Our children are no longer hungry,” he said.


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